Factory: Plastic Injection Molding

Our plastic injection molding facility is comprised of a huge factory with 15 injection molding presses ranging from 75 tons to 500 tons along with all types of final packaging machines too! Our factory has 75 full time workers and the capability of handling your plastic fabrication requirements.

Our Locations


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About Us

Factory: Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication facility is comprised of a huge factory with numerous forming, stamping and finishing equipment with a specialty in stainless steel production. The factory is run with the most modern computerized technology available along with all types of final packaging capabilities too! Our factory has 60 full time employees and the ability to handle all of your metal fabrication requirements.

Axis International in Foshan, China

Axis International's China office is located in Foshan, China, a central location to our own factories insuring quality as well as timely shipments. This also enables Axis International to directly meet with buyers on their Orient trips to see our China Showroom as well as meet our office staff and make personal visits to the Axis International factories!


Axis International Headquarters

Axis International is located in Des Plaines, IL. which is a suburb of Chicago, just minutes from O'Hare International Airport. Here we operate our Corporate Offices with our showroom and full warehouse facility!



How Axis Started:

Back in 1998 the first Axis product idea came about.  The need for organizational tools and products that were unique and would fit any drawer, cabinet, closet and home is what was developed.  Our company is about quality not quantity.  We took time to research and test products before bringing them to market.  Our patents prove that we wanted to bring new and innovative ideas to the market. 


The Axis International, USA Patented line of "Expandable" products is an exceptional mix of organizational tools.  We have an in-depth line that is second to none.  We offer patented/protected features, as well as quality which our competitors can only attempt to imitate.  If you have a willingness to experiment with our new concepts, that are based around home storage and organizational solutions, then only our line of unique products is what you should be implementing in your home!


Our products simplify lives through improved home organization while assisting consumers in solving a broad range of storage challenges, all while maintaining competitive pricing!


You will find our items throughout the retail marketplace.  From high end retailers to mail orders, and now widely available through most major internet retail partners!  We have been seen on TV as well as being available internationally with our tri-lingual packaging.  We appeal to everyone.


So dig into your organizational side and discover how our products will be a great fit for your home today!