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White Closet Shelf Divider For Wood Shelving
 Item# 51440
(2 pc set) These dividers are not only elegant and easy to clean they help organize your wood shelving!

Spice Drawer Organizer
Item# 4142
Organize all your spices and cooking utensils in one easy drawer so you can grab and go as needed.

T-wist T Shelf Dividers

Set of 2

Item #8100

Perfect for organizing all

your purses, T-shirts, and all other

closet accessories!

The Axis International, USA Patented line of "Expandable" products is an exceptional mix of organizational tools. We have an in-depth line that is second to none. We offer patented/protected features, as well as quality which our competitors can only attempt to imitate. If you have a willingness to experiment with our new concepts, that are based around home storage and organizational solutions then only our line of unique products is what you should be implementing in your home!

Our products simplify lives through improved home organization while assisting consumers in solving a broad range of storage challenges. All while maintaining competitive pricing!

You will find our items through-out the retail market place. From high end retailers to mail orders, and now widely available though most major internet retail partners! We have been seen on TV as well as being available internationally with our tri-lingual packaging! 

Based on our success ask yourself why we are not in your stores too! 

Axis International

Cedar Hanger Extenders
Item #5202 
(12 pc set) Easily create extra storage in your closet with our extender that hold 3 hangers in the space of 1 hanger!

New Items for 2016


As Seen In Real Simple Magazine

Bottle Organizer
Item #8702
Organizer all you cleaning supplies with this chrome finish organizer.It fits perfectly in your cabinets or closet

Measuring Spoon & Cup Cabinet Organizer
Item #44881
Perfect way to organize all your measuring cups so they are ready at the tip of your fingers

WHITE Tank Top Organizer

Item# 8263

(3 pc set) The Tank Top Organizer is perfect for tank tops, camisoles, swimsuits, lingerie, and other delicate items. It can hold 8 items in the places of 1 hanger! 


Wire Shelf Organizer
Item #6810

(4 pc set)

Organizer all your cans and bottles in your fridge, or cooler with these convenient  organizers

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Your customers will get the highest quality and innovative products that they expect and at points of profit that will impress you, our retail partners.